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Community Housing / Supported Independent Living

Persons Served

Residents in the Community Housing program may have achieved goals within a residential program thus warranting less supported, apartment based support or may have not been successful within group- based, residential programming and require highly supported apartment based supports.

Apartment Front Entrance

Treatment Scope

Apartment-based programming designed to assist individuals in achieving personal goals while having success and satisfaction with community living. To support goals/objectives identified in the Individual Plan of Service (IPOS), the individual served will receive an individualized, authorized amount of Community Living Support (CLS) staffing each day in order to live as independently as possible. Program participation includes individual and group CLS staffing.

CLS Staff are paid individuals who may assist with any or all of the following (based on IPOS): 

Medication Education and Medication Administration
Meal Preparation
Household maintenance
Activities of daily living (ADLs)
Shopping for food or other necessities of daily living
Money management

Ensuring Health & Safety
Socialization and relationship building
Transportation to/from community activities
Participation in recreational activities
Laundry Assistance
Non-Medical Care

Residents of the Community Housing program move into a Fully-Furnished Apartment. Residents have Choice when being provided the opportunity of having a roommate. Monthly rent and utilities are determined based on single or double occupancy and vary by location.

Residents are given Choice and Opportunity to engaged in planned programming such as: Community Activites/Outings, Social Activities, Recreational Activities, Cultural Events, Spiritual Activities, Employment Opportunities, Self-Help Groups and Skill Building Groups.

Program Admission and Referral Process


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Turning Leaf Behavioral Health Services is CARF Accredited

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